Waterproof Dry Bags

Waterproof Dry Bags

Having his valuable items safe on a trip is one of the most important things.
There are different occasions where they could get damaged for example by water.

Either it is raining really heavy or a you are doing a trip on the river. 

With these waterproof dry bags your belongings won't get wet at all. Thanks to its durable 190T polyester fabric, water has no chance to enter.
They are really space-saving, you can just roll them up when there is nothing inside and they won't take up any space at all.

They are also really convenient to keep your things organized while putting different type of things in different bags.

  • KEEP YOUR THINGS DRY AND EASY TO FIND This Waterproof Bags will allow you to separate and organize your items as well as protect personal belongings like watches, jewellery, wallets, mobile phones and glasses.
  • DURABLE TECHNICAL FABRIC which ensures a long lasting water proof protection for your belongings.
  • EASY TO USE with roll tops Dry Bags, once sealed it ensures protection and can float to keep your personal items protected. The different sizes of the Dry Bags will also give you an additional option by separating valuable items in the small Dry Bags which can be put in the larger bags and will still proctect them even when wet stuff is added in your larger sizes' Dry Bags.

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