Stylish EDC Paracord Bracelet

Always wanted a paracord bracelet, but i think they just look odd. Really weird to run around with it. BUT! This one is different!
Instead of having plastic thing and a whistle on it, you have a metal piece which prevents the bracelet from falling down, which actually looks really neat.


  • TRUE #550 PARACORD. Why settle for a rinky-dink paracord bracelet when you can have the best? Our paracord bracelets are made from a true #550 paracord. Thick and fat to ensure proper strength.
  • STAINLESS STEEL GLOSS BLACK SHACKLE. All of our paracord bracelets are produced with a forged stainless steel shackle to ensure strength and rigidity. AZO, and NICKEL free. Ready for any harsh environment.
  • AESTHETICS. Close ends are sealed and burned from the interior our bracelets to ensure excellent quality aesthetics. Because who wants a bracelet with an ugly burned closed end on the exterior of your bracelet? Certainly not us, and likely the same goes for you.

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