Stainless Steel Dog Bottle

Stainless Steel Dog Bottle

Stainless Dog Bottle designed especially for dogs on the go! Every dog needs water when out whether being exercised or at play keeping them hydrated. The patented lid has been designed to accommodate a dog's natural drinking style. Made from 18/8 food grade stainless steel with a toxin free Polypropylene screw top lid and a food grade silicone gasket to keep the bottles water tight.  This is a high quality, stylish yet functional product. The Bottle is 100% recyclable.

The advantage of a stainless steel bottle is that the water will be cooler for a longer time then in a normal plastic bottle. Your dog will thank you for a cold refreshing drink on a daytrip.
Everything you need, a lid which has the function of a bowl and a hook to easily carry the bottle with you.
750ml capacity, more then enough for a daytrip.

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