EDC Paracord Survival Kit


Size: 2*5*12cm
Color: Random
Untie rope length: 3.5m/137.79〃
Weight: 65g
1*knife blade tinder 1*mountaineering buckle  1*aluminum foil
1*alcohol pad  1*paracard rope 2*fishing hooks 2*weights
2*swivels 2*floats 1*3.5m fishing line  
The 3.5M-long seven-core umbrella rope can bearing 300 pounds, also can be used as an emergency lifeline.
There are seven cores inside the rope, the seven core can be used to tie things out alone, hanging items, dressing up in line with the wound, etc.
The line, hooks, float, fish hook, and a connector is a fishing suit, can be used for fishing, solve the problem of outdoor looking for food.
The blade and the alcohol cotton is a medical kit, used in the treatment of scratches, minor bumps, prevent wound infection.
The operation knife and the rope are also a survival kit, the rope can be used to make a trap, the blade is used to cut things.
Aluminum foil is used to hold water, reflective, warm, for help, and barbecue.
The buckle can be used as a mountaineering buckle, suitable for rock climbing and so on.
Package Includes:
1x EDC Multi Tools


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