8.5L Foldable Washbasin


8.5L Foldable Washbasin

Being able to wash yourself on a hiking trip is one of the best feelings ever.
But what do you do when you don't have a clean water spot close to you?
Carry a whole tube with you around? I don't think so!

Just use this foldable 8.5L washbin. Takes up no space at all when fold together, lightweight and very effective. 
Combined with the 5L Water Bag you can wash yourself literally anywhere


  • Lightweight, and portable, easy to carry, store and use
  • Special foldable design, saves place
  • Not easily deformed and side leakage with two hands carry,Each side has a handle, easy to disperse the force,the bottom has a handle for easy pouring
  • Inside use of silicone waterproof fabrics, good waterproof effect, impermeable
  • Ideal for camping, fishing, auto trip and other outdoor activities


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