5L Foldable Water Bag

5L Foldable Water Bag

Are you on a tour with some people? Or do you just drink a lot of water on your own?

It is always a good feeling when you have drinked a lot of water and your backpack is getting lighter... but you have to carry all those bottles with you around. That takes up a lot of space!

Why not use this foldable water bag? Easy to carry in hand thanks to the handle or have it in your backpack and when you are done, just fold it together! Takes up to no space at all in your backpack!


  • FOOD-GRADE MATERIALS: Made of clear, non-toxic, food-grade safe plastic; Reusable, convenient, durable, space saving, and non-toxic.
  • CONVENIENT: Features integrated handles for portability and large 1.4 inch bottle mouth for effortless filling and pouring. Screw-on cap provides leak-proof seal.
  • SPACE SAVER: Portable water carriers are perfect for camping, hiking, travel, concerts and other outdoor activities. Simply air dry and fold flat to store away between uses.

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