About Us

-Life begins at the end of your comfort zone-


Pretty much sums up our thoughts.

But, living out of your comfort zone does not mean to you have to do it with back hurting backpacks or inconvenient equipment. We think it is important to have gear, that is capable of doing what they promise.

Being outdoors with your friends or loved ones is the most special moments combined with awesome scenery and moments you all won't forget.

So we made it to our mission, to provide people high quality products, for a much cheaper price, so that everybody can get out and have a nice time, even people on a budget :)

That is why we only offer products we would use on our own and we think are from great value. Since we are outdoor fanatics on our own, we try to give you the best products for your outdoor activities, that is what we would expect from a store as a customer as well.