10 MUST-HAVE Hiking Equipment Items

10 MUST-HAVE Hiking Equipment Items

Packing the most important items whenever you step into the backcountry, even on day hikes, is a good habit. Just in case something goes awry, you’ll truly appreciate the value of carrying these items that could be essential to your survival.

There are certain items, you should always have with you on a hiking trip, they seriously help you in certain situations we didn’t expect would happen. 
This "10 MUST-HAVE Hiking Equipment Items" list should help you out on deciding what to take with you.

  1. First Aid pack
  2. A good pair of boots
  3. Flashlight / Headlamp
  4. Powerbank
  5. Compass / Navigation
  6. Multi Tool
  7. Paracord / Carabiner etc
  8. Firestarter
  9. Shelter
  10. Enough Water!

This List is not in a certain order to measure their importance, they are all important and should not be underestimated.



1. First Aid

First Aid Pack

It is really important to carry a First Aid Pack with you. A lot of people underestimate the danger that could happen while you are hiking through the mountains.
Doesn’t matter if it's a small wound you want to put a plaster on to not get an infection, or if it’s something more serious like a twisted ankle where you need stabilisation to keep on walking and getting back to your car / house.
Of course you can take a pouch and pack your own First Aid pack, but you will run into the problem that you might forget something essential. There are a lot of pre packed First Aid packs out there you should consider getting, or at least use them as a checklist for your own First Aid pack.

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    2. A good pair of boots

    Hiking Boots

    A good pair of boots will not only help you out in a danger situation, the most important thing of a good pair of boots is that they will prevent it even happening. There is a reason why there are boots out there specialized on hiking and more rough activities. They are covering your ankles to stabilize them so you do not twist your ankle, the soles are thick so you can easily walk and jump around on rocks and other sharp things and they have a lot more features and advantages. Investing in a good pair of boots is something every hiker should consider. Yes they are more expensive, but your health shouldn’t be something on the line because you don’t want to spend a few bucks more.

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    3. Flashlight / Headlamp

    Outdoor Flashlight

    I always carry a flashlight or a headlamp with me, even when i planned to go on a day trip while the sun is out. What if something happens and you have to stay outside while it’s night and you don’t have a flashlight with you? You are screwed. A flashlight is another item where you get more when you spend more money on it. Especially the life span is going to increase, as well as features like different modes, the brightness, the beam distance and if it can resist water and falls. Navigating in the night can be a struggle, especially when you have to do something with your hands. In this case a headlamp is a really good idea, your hands are free to use, so you can easily organize your stuff even tho it's night.

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    4. Power bank

    power bank

    A power bank would not have been on a list from 15 years ago… simply because they were not a thing back then. Since we have the technology, we should definitely use it and take advantage of it. There are multiple things you can charge up while being on a trip. It can be your phone which is essential in an emergency, your GPS System, your flashlight etc.
    There are extra outdoor power banks out there. They have a solar panel to charge them up while you are outside hiking, they are resistant to water so you do not need to worry when it is raining and they are really hard to damage thanks to their shockproof design.

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      5. Compass/Navigation

      Hiking Navigation
      It’s seems kinda old school, but i see a lot of hikers on my trips which just underestimate the navigation.

      Either you do not have a power bank with you, so when your phone is low on battery, you are screwed, or you simply do not have any service while being on a mountain, in the woods or whatever. Having “offline” navigation with you is really really important! You should have a map of the area where you are hiking with you, a compass, maybe a GPS System and the most important thing, knowledge. It is good when you have all this items with you, but they can not help you when you do not know how to use them. Learn about how to read a map, how to use a compass and a GPS System.

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      6. Multi Tool

      Outdoor Multi Tool

      A Multi Tool has different kind of tools inside of it so you are prepared for nearly everything. Saw, knife, scissor, can opener etc. There are so many things inside of a multi that can really help you out. It is the best alternative to having all the tools with you on their own. Investing in a good quality multi tool is really important, you have to be able to rely on it when you have to.
      Just imagine having a scissor, a knife, a screwdriver set, a can opener, a saw and like 10 other tools with you in your backpack. That would be so much weight and such a space waste! Why not have it all in one tool?

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      7. Paracord / Carabiners

      Outdoor accessories

      Accessories like paracord and carabiners can really help you out in different situation. Building a shelter for the night, combine it with tools, building a trap for small animals, repairing etc.
      There are so many uses for these and they are really useful for your hiking trip. They are really inexpensive, small and lightweight, there is no reason to not carry these little helpers with you.

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      8. Firestarter

      Outdoor Fire

      A lighter is an easy method to create a fireplace. But what is when it is windy? When it is raining? You won’t be able to turn on a fire with your lighter then.
      There are different kind of firestarters for outdoor enthusiast, some of them are more easy to use some of them need some skills. But the most important thing is, that they will work when you need them, yes, also while it is raining.
      Here is one that is really easy to use, you can even carry in on your key chain.

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      9. Shelter

      Survival Shelter

      Tarp, Tent, Poncho
      There are many different items that you could use as a shelter. My personal favourite is the tarp.
      I always have on with me, yes, even on day trips. While the sun is out you can use it as a sun protector, use it for your shelter when you are overnight in the woods, lay it on the ground for as a ground sheet so you do not have to lay your stuff in the dirt.
      There are so many possibilities with a tarp! You should 100% look up what you can do with it before going out.

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      10. Enough water!

      Hike Water

      This one seems so obvious. But on legit every trip I see someone who underestimated the amount of water they will need on their trip. You are constantly sweating and putting your body in a rough situation. Having enough water to stay hydrated is sooooo important for you to work properly.

        Yes it is heavy and yes it is space consuming taking a lot of water with you, but there are different alternatives like water filters that will help you out. You just have to find a water source like a lake or something else and you can easily filter that water to make it drinkable and not dangerous for you.


        When deciding what to bring on your hiking tour, think about what you would need to survive a long, inactive period out in the elements. This list only shows a few items you can bring with you.

        We hope the list helped you out, especially when you are new to hiking and wanted to get a first glance on what to 100% bring with you.

        Your Fox Hike Team